Best Ways to Get Paid for Travelers and Expats

If you are an expat or like to travel, you might find it hard to receive payments. A lot of people avoid international money transfers because they can be expensive. Thankfully, there are many ways to get around the issues and get your cash. Here are some ways you can get paid as an expat or traveler.

The Right Services

Amongst the many types of services available online, Paxum is one of the best ones out there. They offer lots of services such as wire transfers and EFT transfers. They also let you fund nearly any card worldwide given that they are China UnionPay, MasterCard or Visa. Paxum is a fantastic way you can send or receive payments while you are abroad while avoiding costly fees. Another great benefit is the recipients can get the money a lot faster compared to other forms of money transfers.

Digital Banking

Digital banking has solved a lot of expats and travelers problems when it comes to funds abroad. Online checks are available with many banks nowadays so you can pay the bills with an online check if the company has an address. Therefore, people could also send you money through your bank while you are abroad. You can search for local banks in the area that you are in to see if they will let you cash out the money from your bank.


PayPal is a very common way people send money around the world. Typically PayPal does not charge exchange rates either when you convert currency, so that should not be an issue. However, people who send money will still be charged fees. You should also make sure you get the correct kind of account when setting it up to avoid having issues with cashing your money out. You could transfer the money you get from PayPal into your credit card or use any other method available in your area.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are a fantastic method to send money, especially if you do not own a bank account. While most wire transfers will need both the sender and recipient to have a bank account, the recipient does not always need one. There are non-bank providers that will let you send money to another person even if they do not own a bank account. The only thing the sender should do is give the non-bank provider the recipient’s amount of money to be received, full name, etc.

There are multiple ways you can make a wire transfer. You can make a wire transfer in person or online. You can even use an alternative transfer service which are a quick and affordable way to get paid. Be sure to check and compare fees of different wire transfer services to get the best deal when someone sends you money.

If you are worried about how you will get paid as an expat or traveler, there is no need for you to fear. There are loads of ways you can receive cash easily while you are abroad. Check out the methods above to get your cash now!